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Upcoming Shoulder Surgery

Has your orthopedic surgeon given you a prescription for shoulder surgery?


Here are the steps to follow:

1.  If you are a patient under CNESST or SAAQ, we need authorization before supplying the various items.

  • With these organizations, authorization times may vary.

  • We recommend that you make arrangements with us at least one month before the date of surgery to give us enough time to obtain authorization.


2.  If you are a private patient, contact one of our branches at least one month before your surgery (when the situation permits), for a             

     pre-operative appointment.

  • Certain measurements will need to be taken.


3.  For delivery of various items, it is preferable to take delivery at least 2 days before your surgery.


4.   For Polar Care Wave rental (compression/cold therapy), please take delivery at least 2 days before surgery.

  • The rental will begin on the date of your surgery.


5.  If you wish to extend the rental period, contact the branch that rented you the Polar Care Wave.

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